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Invested by Municipal People Government of Yulin, Yulin Library is a city-level library open to the public. It belongs to non-profit public cultural and social educational facility with functions of collecting, sorting, storing, disseminating, researching and serving literature information resources. Now Yulin Library is a national first-level library.

Yulin Library, formerly known as Library of Yulin Zhouzhiquan (鬱林州紫泉) Academy built in the Qing Dynasty of Qianlong period(A.D.1736-1795) , was listed as a public cultural institution with its independent system in 1959. October of 1983 saw its current name after several changes of name and address. Located at No.553, Jiaoyu ZhongLu Road in urban area,     Yulin Library covers an area of 9.23 mu. It has a building area of 4,529square meters with 6 floors. It came into use in 1991. The new Yulin Library under construction is situated in the north of Yudong Avenue and in the west of Shiliu Road in Yudong New District. The total investment of the new library is estimated at 97.8671 million RMB. This new library will cover an area of over 22,293 square meters with 13,980 square meters of ground building and over 8,313 square meters of underground building. There will be 1 floor underground and 5 floors on the ground. It will be 23.4 meters high. It is designed to hold 950,000 volumes of collection and 1,000 seats for readers. The reader visits will reach 2,000 per day. The new Yulin library once completed will be a modern medium-sized public library that is complete, open, multi-functional, regionally first-class and nationally advanced.

     As a vital element of public cultural service, Yulin Library enjoys functions of books borrowing and reading, reference, information service, and educational training. It also provides the public such free services as the following: books and journals borrowing, reading, e-documents retrieving, multi-media resource reading, mobile reading, 24-hour self-borrowing, lectures, books and paintings show. Our library adopts open-shelf reading and borrowing, and opens all the year round. Therefore, the reader visits annually reach over 500,000 and the annual circulation of books and journals is more than 320,000 volumes.

Yulin Library takes realizing and guaranteeing people’s basic reading right as its responsibility. To be reader-oriented, we have designed a series of well-planned cultural activities good for people with focus on digital reading promotion, sending books to the countryside and having public lectures. And we also have actively carried out activities for nationwide reading. In doing so, public cultural service efficiency has been improved and great contribution has been made to enrich people cultural life and promote social harmony. Yulin Library enjoys many honorary titles as follows: Advanced Group of National Rural Cultural Work, National Civilized Library, National First-class Library, Advanced Unit for Nationwide Reading by China Society of Library Science, Second-class Collective Award of Merit by Department of Culture of Guangxi, Advanced Unit for Guangxi Public Cultural Service System Construction